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Hello Guys,

Hope you all are doing amazing.

I was just trying to understand the functionality of IGNORE ROW MARKER in File format section. Below is my observation:


Job Design:

Upon execution of job:

Now let's consider the source as:

Upon executing the job you'll face errors like "End of file was found without reading a complete row for file <filepath>".

Now is the catch, how to remove these special characters and load only the relevant data in target.

Go the file format editor and edit the file structure:


Pass all the special characters that you want to remove from source separated by semicolon (;).

Once you do that all those special characters will strike out. Now execute the job.

You job will be successfully executed and all relevant records will be loaded.

If still you face the same issue then copy paste the same values of Ignore row marker(s) in file format dragged in work space area.

But what if you get the delimiter itself in source i.e., if you get semicolon itself in source?

To eliminate the semicolon itself use a backslash (\).


In this case give the Ignore row marker(s)  as:

Now execute the job, you'll no more get such type of error and job will be completed successfully.

Hope it helps you!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Rajan 🙂
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