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SAP has enabled their HCM customers to mobilize their HR data securely. But, to mobilize HR, the core functions have to be mobilized as well. This can ensure workers and managers to access different mobile applications and perform actions on the go from office or away.

This is the reason why real companies worldwide invest in SAP HCM mobility to manage and drive the HR processes. Let’s discuss some of the benefits due to mobilization of HCM, which can influence HR approvals, responses and subsequently the enterprise productivity and engagement.

Enhances Employee Retention and Recruitment

Post-recession, a global challenge that has been affecting most companies is employee recruitment and turnover. As HR managers have to align with coworkers to accomplish business goals, instant communication, staying tuned and responding quickly to queries from employees have become a routine. An effective way to make this process seamless is by mobilizing the complete process.

Accessing and responding to employees quickly from anywhere can enhance the business efficiency powerfully.

Expedites HR Workflows and Processes

Delays in HR process can have cascading effects on the growth of the company. Setting up the mobile workflows can streamline and expedite the approval process. With anywhere access to workers data, using SAP HCM Apps, the managers can perform actions on the go and this reduces delays remarkably.

On the other hand, employees can utilize the applications like Leave Request, Timesheet, Expense etc. to update the activities without breaking a sweat and this enables them to be more productive and spend more time with either their family members or on their core activities

Engages Employees Highly

From the recent research by top firms, it is evident that companies with highly engaged workforce is able to withhold employees better, resulting in exceptional customer service, satisfaction.

HCM mobility can not only enable HR executives to respond to employee requests, approvals and keep them engaged but also can improve bonding with congratulatory messages to staff on anniversary, birthdays etc. In fact, there are HCM apps available for this.

Mobilizes HR, Employee and Corporate Data Flexibly, Securely

SAP ERP is widely recommended for HCM activities for the formidable security and flexibility it offers.
SAP Mobile Platform is a robust platform for developing HCM apps and it is secure, extensible. SAP Afaria can assist in managing the mobile devices, especially at times when employees leave the company or lose them. These are few other reasons why most companies prefer SAP over others.

Thanks You
Yugesh Madabattula | Chief Technology Officer [CTO]

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