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Update 30.10.2022: Ended this action after 60 reads on 23.09.2022. Enjoyed the journey but need to move to other priorities.


My subject matter area is not limited to but all around SAP Analytics (from frontend to backend, from SAP Master Data Governance to SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP AI Core and even SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting and so on).

For sure, sometimes I just fly over some blogs for relevant information, sometimes I dig deeper and sometimes I can not find time and save it in my bookmarks.

To be true, my list of unread blogs is very long. There are a lot of good reads out there enriched with links complex visualisations and embedded videos. And this is how I ideally would read a blog:



Above I used this blog by deniz.osoy as an example which marked with "15 minutes read". Mh, ok, maybe if you just read the text...

And than there are some days 3, 4, 5 interesting relevant blogs are published (ok, sometimes also 0 in one week)

The thing is, my job is so knowledge intense that this is not the only thing to follow the blogs.

  • Make a tutorial to try out new features, tools and concepts

  • Follow a SAP Community Call

  • Do a webinar

  • Read the latest newsletter

  • Surf the latest SAP Partner Edge updates

  • Make an openSAP course from time to time

  • ...

And here we are just talking mainly about the technical skill and knowledge.

In staying up to date it is often just about being consistent. I like challenges like 100 Days of Code or 66 Days of Data which helps to stay on a topic longer and establish behaviours to continue it in the future.

Therefore I got the idea to start #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics on Twitter as I have not seen anything similar yet. Starting on 27.06.2022 I maintain a curated list of SAP Community blogs worth reading from my point of view in the area of SAP Analytics. These blogs are about currently relevant topics (even if the blog is some years old, often they are updated by the authors) but likely no blogs about events or collections of latest features.

I basically do it for myself but a journey is always better with company. I would be happy to see you joining (if you like Twitter) or get into the discussion what are your ways to stay current or get recommendations about blogs in this area you like and may come back to several times?


Please follow for updates and like the blogs you like most 🙂

------------ List of blogs from #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics ------------

  1. Analytics in S/4HANA – real shape of embedded analytics and beyond embedded analytics

  2. Data management concepts and techniques in SAP HANA Cloud

  3. SAP HANA Machine Learning with ABAP Managed Database Procedures in SAP BW/4HANA

  4. SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure …

  5. SAP Data Intelligence: Create your first ML Scenario

  6. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW Bridge: Overview and Technical Deep Dive

  7. Building Intelligent Scenarios and Sustainability on SAP BTP

  8. Introduction of the end-to-end Machine Learning operations with SAP AI Core

  9. Build Your Own Model with TensorFlow in SAP AI Core for defect detection

  10. Sound-based predictive maintenance with SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad

  11. SAP’s One Domain Model and Domain Driven Design

  12. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Data Marketplace: An Overview

  13. Bi-directional Data Exchange for Individualized Data Products in the Data Marketplace

  14. How to Monetize Your Data and Address 400,000 SAP Customers on the Data Marketplace for Data Warehou...

  15. Distributed data and cross database access in hybrid cloud landscapes with SAP HANA Cloud and SDA

  16. SAP Business Technology Platform Showcase – Overall end-to-end DemoSAP BTP Showcase – Load data into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  17. SAP BTP Showcase – Access the SAP HANA Cloud database underneath SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  18. Expose SAP Data Warehouse Cloud artefacts as OData v4 service

  19. The importance and value of OData in the SAP ecosystem

  20. Monday morning thoughts: OData

  21. Using the Data Warehouse Cloud OData API with SAP Analytics Cloud

  22. Introducing the Bi-Directional Integration of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud for P...

  23. SAP Business Technology Platform – software lifecycle with elements of continuous integration, deliv...

  24. SAP Data Intelligence: Git Workflow and CI/CD Process

  25. Transportation and CI/CD with SAP Data Intelligence

  26. SAP Business Technology Platform – integration aspects in the CI/CD approach

  27. Project “Piper” – Jenkins on Docker

  28. Table lifecycle (aka Schema Evolution) in SAP HANA (Cloud) with .hdbmigrationtable

  29. SAP BTP Showcase – SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery (SAP CI&D) for SAP HANA Cloud

  30. SAP BTP Showcase – Run future sales prediction using SAP HANA Cloud Machine Learning algorithms

  31. Introducing the Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP)

  32. CAP is important because it’s not important

  33. Max’s Adventure in SAP Cloud Platform: CAP in Love.

  34. SAP BTP Showcase – Use SAP Cloud Application Programming to do Native Development on HANA Cloud on C...

  35. AppGyver and SAP Business Technology Platform: a match made in heaven

  36. SAP BTP Showcase – Combining AppGyver and Enterprise Capabilities (Part 1 / Part 2)

  37. SAP BTP Showcase – Provide governed business semantics with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  38. SAP BTP Showcase – Consume SAP Data Warehouse Cloud´s assets using SAP Analytics Cloud

  39. General principles for SAP HANA Cloud native application development

  40. SAP HANA Cloud: Federation template

  41. SAP Tech Bytes: SAP HANA / CAP Access Tables from a Different Schema

  42. A new approach for replicating tables across different SAP HANA systems

  43. How a Futurist Works and Impacts the Future Direction of SAP

  44. Databricks triggering calculations / ML in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  45. Azure Machine Learning triggering calculations / ML in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  46. SAP AI Business Services Behind The Scenes – Document Information Extraction

  47. Create a CDS Entity in SAP BTP, Expose the Entity as an OData Service to Outside world, Deploy to HANA DB and CF as an application and Create a chatbot by consuming the API in SAP CAI (Part 1 / Part 2)

  48. SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase – Overall Integration Demo

  49. SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase – Load data into SAP HANA Cloud using SAP Data Intelligence

  50. Ariba Analytics using SAP Analytics Cloud, Data Intelligence Cloud and HANA DocStore – Part 1 / Part 2

  51. SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase – How to improve and monitor data quality using SAP Data Intellige...

  52. SAP Data Warehouse & SAP Analytics Cloud – New Geo Enrichment

  53. SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase – How to prepare geospatial data in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  54. SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase – Empower Data Scientist with Flexibility in an End-to-End Way

  55. SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase – Data Preparation for a Data Science Scenario in SAP Data Warehou...

  56. SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase – Machine Learning via Python in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  57. SAP BTP Data & Analytics Showcase – How to visualize geospatial data from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud i...

  58. SAP Data and Analytics Showcase – Develop a Machine Learning Application on SAP BTP

  59. Develop a Machine Learning Application on SAP BTP – Data Science part

  60. SAP Data and Analytics Showcase – Use SAP Cloud Application Programming Model to Develop a Machine L...

The (be myself) unread next 20 blogs:

61. Extracting SAP data using OData - Part 1 - The First Extraction (SCN external)

62. Extracting SAP data using OData - Part 2 - All About Parameters (SCN external)

63. Extracting SAP data using OData - Part 3 - Metadata store (SCN external)

64. Extracting SAP data using OData - Part 4 - Handling large volumes of data (SCN external)

65. Extracting SAP data using OData - Part 5 - Filter and Select (SCN external)

66. Extracting SAP data using OData - Part 6 - Introduction to delta extraction (SCN external)

67. Extracting SAP data using OData - Part 7 - Delta extraction using SAP Extractors and CDS Views (SCN external)

68. Your SAP on Azure – Part 27 – Understand your suppliers better with Azure Machine Learning

69. Your SAP on Azure – Part 28 – Integrate SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with PowerBI and Azure Synapse

70. Your SAP on Azure – Part 29 – The CDC Connector in Azure Data Factory

71. How SAP Analytics Cloud Enables an Agile Delivery Model

72. SAP Analytics Cloud – Landscape Architecture & Lifecycle Management

73. Sync SAP BW Roles to SAC Team

74. SAP Analytics Cloud User and Team Provisioning SCIM API Best Practices and Sample Scripts

75. SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded Edition Best Practices & Sample Scripts for Administration

76. SAP Analytics Cloud Application to add Master Data to a planning model

77. SAP S/4HANA Cloud ABAP Pipeline vs Cloud Data Integration Engine

78. Part 1 – SAP S/4HANA Cloud Data Integration to power your Intelligence Enterprise

79. Part 2 – SAP S/4HANA Cloud Data Integration Overview

80. Conversion to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: Conversion Paths and Cloud Transformation Steps


From Day 48 I followed an extended BTP Integration Showcase. I have a little dynamic here started with 11 blogs but 2 very current blogs seems to be a good fit and enhancement:

Day 50 was a hint by wei.han7 in her blog from Day 49. I also included the latest blogs from her and colleagues on Day 58-60 with this from Day 59 just published. In the Blog from Day 53 I saw a interesting link to the blog I added for Day 53 aboiut Geo Enrichment.

Formerly, since Day 16 I followed the 7 + overview parts "SAP BTP Showcase". I dived deeper with some topics, so this was the full journey until Day 38:

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