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Day & Zimmermann had been an Oracle database customer its entire SAP life, lasting more than 15 years. But earlier this year, their leaders became convinced of the value of migrating to an SAP database. Spurred in large part by examining its Oracle maintenance costs, the global firm, which specializes in providing construction, engineering and technical workforce services, as well as defense and government services and products, decided to move its SAP applications off Oracle and onto SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.

During this special webcast, Trushar Desai, Director, SAP technology,  at Day & Zimmermann, will describe how they attained significant cost savings from reduced maintenance fees, and, by using compression technology in SAP Sybase ASE, their storage requirements were reduced by 30 percent for additional savings. Day & Zimmerman will also share performance improvements gained to date.

The firm's migration project included:

    • Migration from Oracle to SAP ASE
    • Conversion to Unicode
    • Switch from Unix to Windows
    • Virtualization of 10 SAP applications
    • Consolidation of three data centers to two
    • Move to a converged storage architecture

Featured Speakers:

Trushar Desai

Director, SAP Technology, Day & Zimmermann

Jeff Tallman

Solution Advisor Expert, Enterprise Systems Group, SAP Database & Technologies

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