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Hi Friends,

                        In many BW Projects, we have seen Basis team and the BW consultants searching around for tracing the regular and best Housekeeping options and activities provided by SAP for improving the performance of BW Production servers.

I have made an attempt to summarize and mention most of the BW House Keeping activities under a single umbrella.
Basically  I have divided the activities into 4 parts namely General monitoring, System health monitoring, Performance related monitoring and Occasional activities along with some pure basis activities in the fourth part.

Please find the links to the documents below:

Part 1 can be found here -->

Part 2 can be found here -->

Part 3 can be found here -->

Part 4 can be found here -->

Hope you will find all the above links useful.

Also, in case if you feel like I have made some mistakes, please feel free to edit them as I have made all these 4 documents as Collaborative ones.

Looking forward for your comments and suggestions.

Capgemini Consulting

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