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Source: Gartner

The theoretical comparison between Big Data Vs Conventional Data:

Time to explore more hands-on with Hortownworks(SAP's big data partner).

Setup the environment

Virtual Box, VMware & Docker are the 3 options available. Virtual Box in this case as the setup less light weight compare to other 2 options.

Download & Setup Virtual Box , Link

Download .ova file from Hortonworks. Contains the complete environment of Hadoop. But need some configuration which we will cover shortly. Link

Import .ova file into Virtual Box

Steps :

  • How to import .ova file to Virtual Box, Link

  • How to setup configure Hortonworks environment, Link

  • Based on the configuration experience, will say most of you will come across several show stoppers errors. Because not everyone’s machine is same & have all the pre-requisite needed for the setup. No worries, handful of article & Q&A available in Hortonworks community blog, Link

By end of this steps you should completed the configuration & able to boot-up the Hortontonworks Hadoop environment.

Start the configured Hortonworks sandbox


Click <Alt> + <F5> once arrive on the below screen

Key in username & password to open the Hadoop environment to be access by network.

Note : username & password setup done during environment configuration process.

Login successful, now the sandbox is ready to be access via network

Type, in internet browser. Key in username, password & click Sign in.

Note: Port, username and password setup done during environment configuration process.

Can see names like HIVE, PIG, SPARK, etc etc, Yes? Bingo, now you are REALLY IN Hadoop based enterprise ready GUI based administration platform: AMBARI

AMBARI – Admin portal or can be said as gateway for most of the works we going to perform in Hontonworks Hadoop based environment. From administration to data modelling and visualization.

Things are getting interesting, we want more!!! Yes, I can hear that..

Stay tune, in my next blog will be covering “Sample Big Data Setup & Visualization in Ambari” in a Proof of Concept(POC) manner.
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