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This blog post is about a brief analysis on Hollywood movies. I have touched upon different analysis like Oscar wins, Movie Collections, top directors etc.

Data Source:

Data from these different sources are fetched individually and then I compiled based on the movie name.

1. This word cloud shows the highest grossing directors of all time. Stephen Spielberg leads the way. The different shades of green indicate the number of movies directed by each director.

2. A Heat map that shows which is the most successful genre in terms of gross. Since the advent of a 3D movie that went by the name 'Avatar', which gained massive popularity and box office profit, a good number of movies started releasing in three-dimensions, Even if it is overkill. More audiences are attracted to theaters and it is clearly shown in the map why 3D is the highest crossing genre. Age-old genres such as romance and Sci-Fi still has a good share in the Box office, no wonder there is a lot of Romantic comedy released every year. So one can only imagine how a Rom-com 3D movie will be welcomed.

3. It is not always the best rated actor is king of box office. That is clearly shown in this heat map where you don’t find actors such as Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson etc. in this highest grossing list. One can even find Daniel Radcliff and Emma Watson hugely due to Harry Potter franchise. Having said that there will always be actors who can pull the crowd and this list show them all.

4. An interesting number crunching fact on Oscars.

5. This gives us the information about highest grossing franchise. When you build a franchise the sequels to the original will always succeed at box office.

6. This board gives a general overview about biggest movie opening weekend collection and information related to opening weekend.

With SAP Lumira, it has become much easier to perform the desired analysis and create simple yet intuitive visualizations.

Happy Data Geeking



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