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Note: This is a blog by Sameer Patel (@sameerpatel)

We’re looking for a Director of Product Management to join our Enterprise Social Software team to help deliver high business value social solutions. The chosen individual would work with the inbound product management team to deliver product roadmaps, design specifications, workflows and use cases as a single, cohesive strategy.

To give you an understanding of our view on Enterprise Social Software, we believe that as social software evolves we have to inject business context to where we socialize to be successful. In turn, we need to put social where people need it the most – in their applications, on their devices and anywhere else where they need to tackle business problems. That’s the kind of social we’re building here at SAP.  

With the general availability of SAP Jam, we have a social software foundation that brings together people, information, applications, and processes to drive rapid and meaningful business results. We’re going to continue building on this foundation to deliver high business value social software solutions. The announcement of SAP Jam, and our approach to social software have been garnering enthusiasm and media attention. Here's what a few different sources are saying about us:

An enterprise-wide vision for social business: SAP’s new take

"I can conclude that SAP is seriously attempting to provide an effective solution that's aimed at what the industry largely believes are the remaining gaps in making social business perform at its best. …Yet I suspect…given the careful intent to get deeply into what companies do using social engagement (and its enormous captive audience of installed base), that SAP can get some big wins and stay there."

- Dion Hinchcliffe,

Here’s SAP’s Latest Challenge to Marc Benioff

"Truth is, SAP isn't willing to concede this market to the likes of, Jive Software, Lithium, or Microsoft, which now owns Yammer as well as SharePoint…SAP is trying to snag a big, fat portion of the next frontier in enterprise software: tools to manage interactions with employees and customers in social media  In a brash challenge to, SAP is selling new social tools for salespeople and call-center workers."

- Julie Bort, Business Insider

SAP Jam: Social Collaboration the Way People Want It

“With SAP Jam, SAP moves to the front of the pack for enterprise social collaboration solutions. It is a rich, social platform that supports multiple collaboration modes, making it much more useful to wider swaths of a mid-sized to large company.

- Tom Petrocelli, Enterprise Strategy Group, Senior Analyst, Social Enterprise

So are you fanatical about social software? Do you believe that the best way to make companies “run better” is to enable employees to connect with the right information, people, tools, and data when they need it?

If you subscribe to a similar view that social in the enterprise can be much more than what we’ve seen to date, and you know how to build products that radically enhance how people work, then we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at the job requirements and please consider applying.

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