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The idea for this blog mail came from some emails from SDN friends who wanted to configured Hindi as a Login Language in SAP Portal.

Hindi is a new addition to the supported Languages for SAP Portal. Surprisingly there is no direct way as of today(Through Portal Personalization or UME) to switch the Language to Hindi. The Hindi option doesn't come in the value selector. Needless to say being an Indian I got hooked to the idea of configuring the Portal in my national language and hence this blog :smile:

Background Information

As Bill Gates famously said “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” I am sure i fit the bill but was never approached by Bill :wink: . I started looking at SDN and Service Market place to find some quick fix.

SAP Note 1980421 is the place I started with. Alas the fine print in the note says "Note - This correction does not handle adding Hindi to User Management language lists (e.g. Identity Management, User Profile)."

I was left with no other option but to fall back to my tried and tested SAP Login Module solution as mentioned :

Adding Logon Language option on Portal Logon Page

Getting started with Netweaver 7.3 portal Part 3 - Logon Language and Login Module

During SDN migration these two blogs were spoiled and the code became unusable. I have received many emails asking for various jars and codes unfortunately I work on a VMBox and keep on changing my OS and loosing code :razz: . At the end of this blog is a drop box link which contains the sca export which is all anybody should need to implement this.


The above mentioned blogs and the attached sca file should help you to set-up the projects and login module, so I won't waste your time and my energy repating myself :smile: . Some key points:

1. I extracted the language files from the jar file where there is a file but no entry has been made to set up Hindi as a language in files like or and that's the reason you won't get that option in Personalization or UME. Looks like SAP didn't pay the bonus to this particular developer  :wink: .

2. If you look at the translations are maintained in Unicode. For your custom objects you will need to maintain these translations by yourself using Translation work bench. I am not sure how to put Unicode there. If any one has any idea please share it in comments.

3. Apparently for WebDynpro applications in nwa the translation for Hindi has not been maintained so they don't appear in Hindi.

4. I have maintained Hindi as a language option only for and so you will see the Hindi option in drop-down only if your browser Language is English or oh leave that bit that will confuse quite a few people. In lay man terms if your browser language is set to German or say Hebrew you won't see Hindi as an option.

Some Screen Shots

Login Page

After Successful Login

Logout Confirmation Popup

If anyone knows who maintained the Hindi Translations. Convey my regards for him/her. He/She has done a damn Good job. Hindi is my first language but even I would have stumbled while translating some of the tabs. Hats off.


The sca export can be downloaded from the drop box link. It has got all the Development components needed for this blog. You can import the sca in your NWDS and play around with it.

Dropbox -

Final Words

As always please leave your feedback in comments, bouquets or brick-bats all are welcome.

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