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So here we are, the much awaited SAP ALM Summit APJ 2023 has finally started in SAP Labs, Bangalore, India and what a day it was.

This is just the beginning and can't wait to see what all we have in the list for next two days.


Below are the key highlights of Day 1:

  1. Sindhu have mentioned that how the businesses are evolving and how Cloud based solutions are the need of the hour. In this digital transformation, ALM is going to be the key player for any organization. ALM ensures the smooth transition in the digital transformation.

  2. As mentioned by Rahul, how more customization increases the complexity of our solution and how we miss the transformation value by almost 50%. So our approach should be to stick to the standard solution as much as possible.

  3. In the session from Marc, we go the idea of how our ALM strategy should be. The road map of SAP Solution Manager Operation is till 2027 and for implementation it is 2030. The support end for Focused Run and SAP Cloud ALM has not been decided yet.

  4. As of now, for operation(monitoring), the go to ALM tool recommended by SAP is SAP Cloud ALM and for Implementation, we can decide our transition to SAP Cloud ALM at our pace.

  5. SAP Cloud ALM have not decided to go for incident management (which was previously ITSM in SAP Solution Manager).

  6. Tricentis TTA is not available for SAP Cloud ALM now. It was already available for SAP Solution Manager.

  7. The integration of Tricentis TTA with SAP Cloud ALM is one click away and can be integrated in less than 2 mins.

  8. SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation takes care of the Design, Build and Test phase of the ALM and the SAP Cloud ALM for Operation takes care of the Operate phase of ALM. Deploy is the glue between Business Transformation and Business Continuity.

  9. SAP Cloud ALM for end-to-end implementation of SAP S/4 HANA Cloud.

  10. SAP Cloud ALM license and cost is included in SAP Enterprise Support and Subscription. The maintenance and operations are taken care by SAP.

  11. The included memory usage of SAP Cloud ALM is 8GB ad the API usage is also 8GB outbound data transfer per month.

  12. SAP Cloud ALM is designed for cloud and hybrid customers.

  13. SAP Cloud ALM is a customer owned SaaS model, is available to use in 15 minutes(provisioning time).

  14. It has daily integrated delivery and has bi-weekly feature releases. So there is no support package upgrade concept in SAP Cloud ALM.

  15. If you are planning to move your Process Management and Test Cases to SAP Cloud ALM from SAP Solution Manager, then the minimum SP level required is SP15. For Operations, there is not such SP level required for transitioning to SAP Cloud ALM.

  16. SAP already has data centers for SAP Cloud ALM in Germany, USA, Australia and Japan. Data center in Canada is in their roadmap and data center in China is in their vision(no roadmap for this yet - may be after 2024).

  17. SAP Cloud ALM is designed to support ALM for the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise, including SAP S/4 HANA(all deployments).

  18. SAP Focused Run addresses SAP centric service providers and hybrid customers with advanced needs and/or significant on-premise footprint. It can be used as complimentary to SAP Cloud ALM.

  19. Maintenance Support for SAP Focused Build and Focused Insights is also till 2027 as it is add-on on SAP Solution Manager.

  20. We can adopt SAP Cloud ALM for service and operation now. SAP Cloud ALM needs less customer efforts for updates, ease of use and consumption is easier in SAP Cloud ALM and it has simplified monitoring without agents.

  21. SAP recommends to use SAP Cloud ALM for faster Cloud implementations.



SAP Cloud ALM is the go to ALM tool recommended by SAP and we should plan our transition to SAP Cloud ALM from SAP Solution Manager as soon as possible. SAP Cloud ALM is designed to fulfill most of the customer needs and encourages the customers to stick to standard solution as much as possible, as standard solution are easier to maintain and run.

Stay tunned for Day 2 highlights.

Keep learning and keep sharing...

Cheers !!!


Thank you

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