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High level Enhancements in Metapedia ---information Steward4.1

To Create New Term( Version 4.1 )

While creating a Term, Rich text format can be used for description of the term.

A term can be added to category or dragged to the category to make it available under respective category.

Association of terms with the objects:-

In 4.0,Associate Matapedia objects with table columns, objects in universes and Indexes.

With 4.1,Terms can be associated to objects via Metadata Management and Objects defined in Data Insight.

Access Terms from Data Insight and BI Launch Pad in 4.1

We can access and the Matapedia terms from Data Insight and BI launch Pad.

Data Insight

Open a Scorecard from Data Insight Project. Show more Drill down to project details.Cleck on the Term and check all the terms related to it.

BI Launch Pad

Login to BI Launch Pad.

Browse the report and click on More Action button to View Matapedia Terms.

All Terms and Categories are listed .Select the term to view details.

For better understanding please refer :

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