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Hi there,

I developed a Tree table, using SAPUI5 and Design Studio SDK.

Since it's one of my first SDK components, I'd love to get some feedback.

Here is the code.

olafecorcam/ · GitHub

I few things must be done for it to work,

1, Create a data source

2. Remove any hierarchy that it might have.

Uncheck the compact display inside the edit initial view

3. Hide all the totals (i'm working on showing it now)

That's it.

Here is what it does. The sequence that you put the results inside the Rows panel, is the hierarchy the table will attempt to create.

I'm working now on formatting the results.

Note that I used the SimpleCrostable from SAP SDK examples.

For some reason, the SAPUI5 that is included on the DS, the scroll bars of the table does not work on Chrome, so use IE to see if for now.

Any comments would be appreceated.

Inside the project there's a deployable feature (



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