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This document will focus mainly Hiding unwanted data with relevant LOV in Webi report. There are scenarios where we need to hide objects/blocks/charts/rows/columns based on business needs. This document will cover most of the scenarios.

Sample data used in all scenarios :

Below are the list of scenarios which are going to cover in this document .

1.Hiding Dimension Object

2.Hiding Rows/columns when dim/measure value is null/empty

3.Hidng measure value which contain 0 as value

4.Hiding  duplicate records

5.Hiding data based on most  recent record in Webi

6. Hiding data based on user response

7.Hiding data based on condition

8.Hiding data using input control

9.Hiding section

1.Hiding Dim object :

To hide dim object selct particular dim object like here emp name and right click on selected object and you will get list of options as below and there you will see hide option.

Now select Hide dim option then emp name will be hidden in report .If you wan to show it again then right click on table/block then you will get show hidden dim option selct show hidden dim.It will display all hidden dim in report.

Note : when you create  a new name for  a column i.e custom header and it isn't attached to the dim .Therefore , when you hide dim the column and show it again it will revert to the old name .If you want to show a new name and have it persist , you will need to create a variable.

Ex: In the above table If we rename emp name as Emp First name as header  and we hide this and again If I show then it will display emp name instead of Emp First name .

2. Hiding row/column when dim /measure value is null/empty.

There are 2 approaches for this  a) Using variable b)Changing default standard settings.

a) Using variable

Create variable in report as v1 =if(isnull([sal] then "1" else"0"

Now restrict table/block with created variable as "1"  then it will hide empty/null values of sal in report .

For dimensions also same will be applicable .

v2 = If (isnull(Emp name])) then "1" else"0"

b) Changing default setting of table /block :

Right click on created table/block then you will see format table option and in General tab you have to change settings as below .

Here by default show rows with empty all measure values will be enabled just disable this option then empty measure values will be hidden in the report.

3. Hiding measure objects which contains "0" as value.

By default for  a table/block   as shown in above image show rows for which all measure values =0 & show rows for which the  sum of measure values =0  these 2 will be enabled just disable  then it will hide measure objects which contains "0"

Ex: Here in above table for ps emp it has 0 as measure value

4. Hiding duplicate records in webi

   How to get Unique /Distinct Records in Webi Reports

5.Hiding data based on most recent record using date dim

How to get most recent  record in Webi report

6.Hiding data based on user response

7. Hiding data based on condition

8. Hiding data using input control


9 Hiding section

Hiding Section in a Webi Report

I will  update more scenarios .

Any suggestions/comments are welcome.



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