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There may be some situations where you need to hide some Measure columns in a Crosstab in Lumira Designer but might be needed in the Datasource - “Edit Initial View”. In this Blog post, we will look how to hide the measure columns using CSS and Scripting in Lumira Designer.


Main Issue:

While developing a Dashboard in Lumira Designer, you might have similar data crosstab. This would be applicable in cases where you need to map the same Datasource for multiple Cross-tabs and display only the required measures on drill-down for the corresponding Cross-tabs.

The below screenshots gives the “Edit Initial view” of the sample Datasource. I am going to map for multiple Cross-tabs for which I need to hide some columns on the Dashboard.


The Output screen for the mapping as in Datasource is given below:



Here, there are 4 measure columns. For instance, if I need to hide the 2nd measure column, the following CSS scripting code can be used:


Next, you need to call the CSS class in the crosstab in which you need to hide the Columns as mentioned below:


Similarly, you can alter the same code for hiding different column numbers by just changing the number in the :nth-child(2). For example, :nth-child(3)  hides the 3rd column in the Crosstab. In the same manner, you can edit and hide the columns as desired. Note that you can make multiple code lines for hiding multiple columns. Make sure that you call the corresponding CSS Class for the respective cross-tabs.

From the below screenshot, you can note that the column “Residual score P” is hidden. In the same manner, you can hide as many measure columns you want.



In this way, you can avoid creating multiple datasources for n number of cross-tabs you need to use in a Dashboard, thus using a single common datasource for multiple cross-tabs providing the dimension columns are same for all the Cross-tabs. This will help in increasing the Performance of the Dashboards.



Thus, from this blog post hope you would have got a clarity on how to hide single or multiple columns in Cross-tabs in Lumira Designer. Feel free to share your views or ideas for the same and share your thoughts if you have any workarounds for this issue.
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