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This tutorial explains about hiding a field in the PDF form using Adobe Interactive. In this example the Customer master details are displayed. To add general comments about the customer a check box is added in the form. When the user checks the check box an additional text field will be opened to enter the details.

Goto transaction SFP and create an Interface. Using the interface create the form layout.

The below screen will be displayed.

Expand the import parameters under the Interface column.

Drag and drop the parameter from the interface column to the form context for layout designing.

The parameters will be copied to the form context.

Got to layout tab.

The context node parameters will be displayed under Data view

Drag and drop the LX_KNA1 subform to the layout. The layout will be designed as shown below.

Now drag a check box and a text field to the layout. Our functionality is to make the text field visible only when the user selects the check box.

Choose the check box and select the event FORMREADY and language as JAVASCRIPT

Write the below code. This event is for making the check box invisible when the user opens the form.

Now choose the event CLICK for making the text field visible when the user selects the check box.

Activate the form and create a report program .Call the form using the below FMs


Note that for Interactive Adobe, pass FILLABLE and DYNAMIC parameters of the Interface’s exporting parameter /1bcdwb/docparams.


When the user opens the form for the first time the text field will be invisible.

When the user checks the check box the text field will be shown.

Jayashree Thiyagarajan

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