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In this blog, I will explore you with all the features that were covered till now in my blog series (check References) as “XI hidden tools” along with some new features with a very simple approach using ESR/ID jnlp files. All that we need to do is modify jnlp files. To understand jnlp formats, please check official java site.


  • Enabling debugging/developer mode
  • Passing user credentials via JNLP file (new)
  • Enabling exporting of mappings as XIM files in PI7.3
  • Referring your local workstation jars/PI server(s) jars and even combination of both in JNLP file (new)
  • Changing ESR/ID application names with your own custom names (new)
  • Enabling XSLT and abap mappings, without changing exchange profile (new)
  • Enable/disable single sign-on (new)
  • Changing the heap memory for the ESR/ID clients


  • Open XI/PI main page http://<xihost>:<port>/dir/start/index.jsp (or) http://<xihost>:<port>/rep
  • save ESR/IR and ID links as jnlp files to your local workstation
  • To edit/view, open jnlp file with any text editor with XML syntax highlighting feature e.g., Editplus
  • To enable debugging/developer mode & to pass the user credentials, add the below highlighted tags under “application-desc” node

<application-desc main-class="">






<!-- <jar href="repository/" download="lazy" part="part-109"/> -->

And then add below property for option a)

<jar href="http://<PI7.1hostname>:<PORT>/rep/repository/" download="lazy" part="part-109"/>

or below property for option b)

<jar href="file:///C:/<DIR-PATH>/" download="lazy" part="part-109"/>

  • To enable you own names for ESR/ID swing applications, change

<property name="jnlp.SAPMYNAME" value="Your own Text"/>

e.g,. with <property name="jnlp.SAPMYNAME" value="Welcome to XI"/>

  • To enable abap XSLT and abap mappings (without requesting BASIS team to change exchange profile :wink: )

<property name="" value="R3_ABAP|Abapclass;R3_XSLT|XSL (ABAPEngine)"/>

  • To enable/disable single sign-on, use true/false for the below property

<property name="" value="false"/>

  • Changing the heap memory for the ESR/ID clients

<j2se version="1.6+" initial-heap-size="32m" max-heap-size="512m"/>

<property name="" value="32m"/>

<property name="" value="512m"/>

  • Finally double click the modified jnlp file to be opened with default java web start application or force it with required javaw.exe java version

I strongly recommend above procedure only for development XI stacks. Please share your valuable feedback


Praveen Gujjeti


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