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Hello community,

I analyzed the SAP GUI Scripting library and found some hidden methods in the API which are not documented. Here the methods and my test results:
'Class GuiSession - Works
session.SendCommandAsync "/nDB01"

'Class GuiSession - Shows runtime error message
session.SendMenu ""

'Class GuiSession - Don't show error message, but don't know parameters
session.RunScriptControl "", 0

'Classes GuiMainWindow, GuiModalWindow and GuiFrameWindow - Don't show error message, but doesn't work
session.findById("wnd[0]").MoveWindow 10, 10, 640, 480

'Class GuiUserArea - Don't show error message, but don't know parameters
session.findById("wnd[0]/usr").ListNavigate ""

A longer time ago I found ChildrenforNWBC property, you can find more information here.

Here more properties, without test results:

'Class GuiScrollbar - Range
'Class GuiTableColumn - Width

Good to know.



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