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      The basic idea of interfaces is the automatic posting of data created from another system, making business processes more efficient. The steps for this are always the same. You need the possibility to bring data inside of the system (IDoc, File, XML, Proxy…). Then a document is created in the system ( for example a sales order ) and people can work with this document.

      There are two responsible people for solving errors in an interface: IT specialists and Business users.

      The difficulty when an error occurs is who is responsible for handling it.

      It is tempting to say “It is IT problem”. It can be, but if not?

      In this case, IT staff will try to find the responsible for handling the error, and It can take a lot of time, even days. In the worst case scenario, a technical user ignores the error and waits for it to solve itself, e.g., when the data is resent automatically every week.

Below you can see a representation of this scenario.


This is where the SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) can support you. With AIF, business users can do the monitoring for business-related errors in interfaces. 

Below you can see when SAP AIF is in place.


SAP AIF is available in SAP S/4 Hana, SAP ERP as an Add-on, SAP S/4 Hana Cloud edition named ‘Message Monitoring’ and as part of SAP BTP, ABAP Environment


 SAP Application Interface Framework


What are SAP AIF capabilities?

One of the main parts of AIF is to ensure the user who has to solve the problem is informed about the problem and get help from the system, for example, directions on how to proceed.


What are SAP AIF Benefits?

The AIF tools for developers and business users will reduce workload for both IT and Business, resulting in daily work being carried out faster and reducing costs company-wide.


SAP AIF architecture overview.


Integrations Supported by SAP AIF 


Conclusion: It is a wise decision to consider SAP AIF as a Message Monitoring in all integration projects to improve enterprise intelligence.
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