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SAP - you are a PITA sometimes.

Can I please have the SAPUI5 SDK easily available for download? Not having this is just plain dumb.
In fact, can we discuss the definition of an SDK please? Because I don’t ever recall coming across a JavaScript (yeah, yeah - ECMAScript) SDK that I couldn’t download to use in the development environment of my choice.

Perhaps your have mis-named your SAPUI5 SDK? Perhaps it is not a SDK at all? I just noticed you don’t call it that - it is the “SAPUI5: UI Development Toolkit for HTML5”. Does this mean it is not what I thought it was?

No matter - not being able to download the SAPUI5 SDK is a PITA. I can do it with the OpenUI5 SDK - apparently called the “OpenUI5: UI Development Toolkit for HTML5”. I can download various versions too so I can easily evaluate differences between versions. I can also see if a bug has been introduced in a new version - like here.

This is quite simply what developers need. We have talked about this before.

Sure, sure, if I was employed by a large software factory (or even a smallish ISV) or a customer my employer mighty mandate I use a particular IDE. And if they did, and if their choice was WebIDE - or Eclipse using the SAP-supplied “UI development toolkit for HTML5” - those tools sort of handle downloading and managing my SAPUI5 libraries for me.

But I don’t work in that environment. I work for myself. I choose the tools that I think suit me and my workflows best. Sometimes that is WebIDE, sometimes it is Eclipse - but most-times it is not. For goodness sake we are talking about HTML, XML & JavaScript here - I could use any old text editor to develop this stuff. And I do.

At a minimum I want to download the SAPUI5 libraries to my development environment of choice. I want to download different versions so I can properly check my apps continue to work when SAP upgrade these libraries. I want to check that my apps work on the version my customer has installed through local testing. I want to get immediate, and early, access to the latest SAPUI5 libraries. And I want to use them as I see fit in my develop->test->deploy workflow.

You do realise that we can already extract these libraries from the WebIDE & Eclipse packages don’t you? It is just that it is a PITA. Why are you making this hard for us?

Come on please? Be part of the solution.
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