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Hey, Google, Siri, Alexa. How many times today have we used this approach to obtain information like weather, traffic, latest news or stock price, etc. and this information is available in a fraction of the second. The funny part, moment you woke up in the morning, you don't have to see the mobile device or weather station enabled alarm clock to check the weather outside, just say, Hey Google, how's weather today? You get a full weather report in half-closed eyes while on the bed and stretching out. isn't it like a science fiction movie in back old days? The idea of using a digital assistant is no longer science fiction. It is actually a common practice in our daily life, it amazes me when kids ask complex maths or history questions to these digital assistants and information presented to them right away. That gives a big WOW factor, no doubt about it! There is a famous joke around these digital Assistants came in my mind while writing this blog -
My Wife Asked Me why I spoke so softly in the House. I said I was afraid of
Mark Zuckerberg is Listening!   (¬‿¬)
She Laughed.
I laughed.
ALEXA Laughed.
SIRI Laughed.
Google Laughed.


Jokes apart, Can we also use the same user experience to complete enterprise processes and access company data with the help of AI chatbots? The answer is Yeah WHY NOT!!. As we all know that SAP is always ahead in building future-ready platforms, they already launched and developed the concept of 'SAP Conversational AI 1909" and sounds like they are ahead on AI game plan and started building at the enterprise level with S/4HANA.

Out of curiosity, I started digging on this subject as most of our customers are already on the SAP S/4HANA platform, this new technology definitely fascinating to CxOs/BDMs/TDMs, where business & technical users can get an AI digital assistant without opening S4 or Fiori screens. Way excited for me to explore it and I picked up my personal lab machine running S/4HANA including Fiori on the backend, now time to do some hand's dirty in the lab, but wait, I suppose to collect all documentation and prerequisites, I spent 2-3 hours reading about it in details and prepared the execution plan. When you’re a beginner AI bot builder, learning about natural language understanding, conversation flows and messaging platforms can feel a bit overwhelming. True, right?

This header statement from SAP site gave me a strong thrust to the pursuit of building AI Bot -

With SAP Conversational AI, you can easily design complex conversational flows fueled by a powerful artificial intelligence. Okay, TIME to TRY Now!! ಠ‿↼

First thing first, to start with an idea, I decided to go slow by creating a basic AI Bot that can understand greetings and goodbyes, some basic reactions, etc.


  • The requirement for SAP Conversational AI 

  1. To begin, create an account on SAP Conversational AI! It’s free. WOW!

  2. Once you’re logged in, it’s time to create your first bot. 

  3. I created test bot call - AMITCHATTERBOX bot service

  4. link it to your SAP system running on SAP Cloud platform or on on-premise (using gateway service)

  5. Start filling skills/talents from templates (100s of them) including welcome messages etc. and load GIFs for particular keywords. (Follow the First Bot Guide for reference)

  6. Test it and keep improving it!




The funny part again - I am still developing its intent and behaviors, which required, of course, lots of patience and skills needed being a beginner on this technology bu trust me its great fun to see talking to AI chatbot and building a brain from scratch. Just loving it!



Final words -

From the Bot Framework portal where you registered your bot, you can now add multiple channels that you can talk to your bot through. You can start with the Skype and Web Chat channels since those two are turned on by default.


Any comments, feedback are appreciated.


Thank you.

Amit Lal


Disclaimer – These are my personal opinions and thoughts. This does not represent any formal opinions, POVs, inputs, product road-maps etc. from my current or past employers or partners or/and any Clients.

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