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I recently had an opportunity to run a heterogeneous migration to relocate a server in CET time zone to PST time zone.

High level steps for migration.

Pre-migration activities

1. Request a migration key from service market place.

2. Get the source system ddic password.

3. Add swap space on target system.The swap space should be approximately 3 times that of the main memory.

4. Suspend 'released' background jobs on source system using tcode btctrns1.

5. Generate DDL statements to migrate non-standard database objects.

6. Stop SAP on source system

7. Run database export on source system using latest SWPM.

8. Transfer the 'export' folder to target system using any secure file transfer method like winscp, filezilla etc.

9.  Download the 'export' folder.

9. Verify MD5 checksum using utility md5-tool to check 'export' folder against any transfer errors.

10 Look at DBSIZE.XML located under <EXPORT_FOLDER>\EXPORT\ABAP\DB\MSS to get an estimate of space needed.It is in MB.


Run Software provisioning manager and complete the heterogeneous migration.

Post-migration activities

1. Adjust default,Instance profiles by copying the values from source system.

2. Run tcode sick

3. Request SAP license key from Service Marketplace.

4. Delete old license and install permanent SAP license using tcode slicense

5. STMS-Delete the existing config and add it back.

6. Add TMS parameters ion the domain controller.

7. Change SAP logon groups in SMLG

8. Change RFC group maintenance in RZ12

9. Delete old profiles and import new profiles using RZ10

10. Setup STRUSTSSO2

11. Set correct time zone tocode stzac

12. Update SMTP node information

13. Update saplogon.ini

14. Run SGEN

15. IMPORTANT - All the background jobs will run as per server's time zone. Adjust time-sensitive background jobs.

16. Setup database backups

17. Connect to solution manager and setup alerting.

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