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Hi all, OpenAI - ChatGPT is no longer an unheard name or new Technology Jargon now. Released in November 2022, ChatGPT has touched all of us in one or another way. It's not limited to techies but was used by almost all who came to know about it. And they leveraged it for multiple purposes and some are still exploring its true power. But this blog is not about the Power of OpenAI or to discuss multiple use-cases of OpenAI or ChatGPT.

What will we do?

As the blog title suggests we will look into the searching aspect of Chatgpt. We all know how good ChatGPT is in identifying what exactly you're looking for and bringing if not perfect but still close to accurate results every time. But the thing is, right now it's somewhat closer to an Open Search where it has a prebuilt Model / Memory which was coded till September 2021. What if we want to be customized, look into stuff that we make it learn, and give us results based on our training.

Now there are multiple ways to do this for various scenarios or use cases. We will look into a scenario where we want to create a search engine smart as ChatGPT that looks only into phrases/keywords that we have encoded. It further identifies and brings back the matches, no matter how different we write those phrases/keywords & that too with minimum coding & training.


  • You must have an OpenAI Account(Signup here).

  • Your OpenAI Account should have Credits available for usage. (We get Credits on Signing UP for a Free Trial Account).

  • Basic knowledge of SAPUI5 & NodeJS(Not Mandatory, can reuse code shared in the blog).

  • You must have a BTP Account (Free Trial will also work, can create following this blog).

The Episodes

I have divided this blog into an Interesting Series of Small Episodes. We will start by setting up the IDE & Environment then configuring/training our search engine, develop & deploy the same, create a basic UI5 application, connect to our search engine & consume the same.

Episode No.  Episode Title Link
1 IDE Setup for OpenAI Development using NodeJS Link
2 Test OpenAI API via Postman Link
3 Create a NodeJs-based API Service for BTP Cloud Foundry Link
4 Create an OpenAI-based NodeJS API Service for BTP Cloud Foundry Link
5 Deploy NodeJS API Microservice on SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Link
6 Create SAPUI5 Application to Test OpenAI API Link
7 Connect the Created OpenAI API with the SAPUI5 Application Link

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Kapil Verma

SAP Certified Consultant (SAP FIORI, SAP Cloud Platform / SAP BTP, SAP HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, ABAP on HANA, Cloud SDK Extensibility, SAP Activate, Design Thinking)

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