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Hi ,

Through this blog post i would like to share my experience on updating SAP HANA Prod. instance via HCP from SP 9 to SP10.

Before performing the update make sure you have taken proper system backup.

1.Log on to the HCP via Cloud Cockpit.

     Make sure you have the admin role assigned to your account.

2.Once you log on to the HANA cloud cockpit navigate to Database Systems - > Select your database system.

3.Once you have selected your DB system click check for updates.

     It should popup a dialog showing each and every step in the update process.


4.Basically it will take care of everything automatically.


     Initially it will show the list of available target versions.

     Once you confirm the system upgrade , system downtime will begin.

     System  will be up and running once the update is completed.

The best part is

  • you need not know in-depth technicality.
  • Few clicks and you are done.
  • System downtime < 15 min.
  • System stability : No issues
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