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Hi Folks,

Recently I had a requirement for consuming hana artifacts from HCP in tableau. I thought of sharing it on SCN so that it might be helpful to other folks.


A Visually interactive, fast, simple, ubiquitous and iterative tool for business intelligence and analytics. It supports documentation, reporting as well as dashboarding.

Tableau provides drivers and adapters to connect to almost all the data sources available. Tableau comes with SAP HANA connectivity driver. All you need to do is enter the server details and user credentials. Connecting to hana database in HCP is tricky but for those who have experience with Predictive analysis tool and HCP, it is a piece of cake.


1) Establish a tunnel between local machine and HCP.


     Tunnel: "It allows a network user to access or provide a network service that the underlying network does not support or provide directly"


     Steps to create a tunnel:

     1) Firstly, Java Web SDK for cloud need to be downloaded from

     2) Unzip and navigate to tools directory

     3) Open Command Prompt from this location. ie, \tools

     4) Run the Command

          neo open-db-tunnel -a <account_name> -h <host_name> -u <HCP_username> -i <instance>

     5) Enter HCP Password. And ... the tunnel is created.

2) Now, In Tableau

     1) Go to Connection->More Servers->SAP HANA

     2) Hostname as localhost

     3) Port: 30015 by default

     4) Check radio button "Use specific username and password" and enter HANA system credentials.

Voila.. You have successfully connected to HCP. Please feel free to comment for any clarifications.


Note: To consume hana views, you need to choose _SYS_BIC schema.

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