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In my previous blog have shown steps to create an account and provide authorization roles to your S-user. Please find the link here if you would like to review my previous blog. In this blog, I will show you steps how to download and install eclipse and connect your HCI-PI tenant to eclipse so that you can perform various integration activity.

Step1: Download Mars 2.0 Eclipse version from below link. Depending on computer bits 32 or 64 and operating system choose appropriate package. Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers as shown in the screenshot below.

Step2: Rename the downloaded folder to Mar2.0 to avoid any long paths which may corrupt extraction of the content.

Step3: Folder structure should look as below after it is been extracted.

Step4: Double click eclipse.exe to launch eclipse and screenshot appear as below and click on the workbench at top right to see eclipse development panel.

Step5: In order to connect to HCI account using Eclipse you need to install plugin tools for HCI integration. The procedure is as mentioned below.

Step6: Click on window tab and select preferences as shown below

Step7:Navigate on left panel as shown in the screenshot below and open operations server.

Step8: Provide HCI-PI tenant management url having tmn and your SNC credentials as shown in the screenshot below.

Step9: After connecting HCI-PI you should be able to see a TM node and a worker node as shown in the screenshot below.


Step10: In the same node on left panel click Repository Connection and provide your SAP PI landscape credentials which will allow you to connect to your PI system.

Hope this helps!

See you in my next blog!


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