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Java key store file download process

Step 1 Click on the tenant ID.

Step 2 Go to Deployed Artifact Tab.

Step 3 Export the System.jks file on your local desktop. [ look on your Right hand side on the screen ]

Step 4 : Downloaded JKS file will look like following

Step 5: Download freeware editor from Internet. – E.g in my case

Step 6: Try to open exported JKS file with downloaded freeware tool.

          It will prompt for the password.

Step 7:  Once you are able to open the JKS file with required password, it will look like following.

Step 8: Add the required new certificates in it.

Note : Do remember to keep a Backup copy of your previous version.

Step 9: Save the updated system.jks file with same name and proper extension.  

Java key store file upload process

Step 10: Click on the tenant ID.

Step 11: It will open a wizard. Select keystore from the wizard tool

Step 12: It will open another window” Deploy Keystore”.

Select the Tenent ID, system.jks file from your local system and its password is required and deploy.

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