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Fast Lane: Just download attached files, self explanatory.

Easter Sunday, kids asleep, now daddy gets to play. I decided (month ago) to port my code for calculating Easter Sunday to Hana,

for fun of it and to test CTE and UDFs on Hana .

It was not as easy as I thought it would be.  My Hana SPS09 rev93.

I had to abandon idea of using CTE's and connected to that my old MS SQL code.

It was said CTE's should  work, although not official yet, but I was not able to stumble upon syntax to make it work.

When I gave up, kids were asleep no more, so night shift was ahead.

I had my diskette with Clipper Summer'87 Easter calc code, but no floppy in laptop :smile:

So I googled and found nice simple algorithm, not elegant but now I did not care any more :smile:

Logical place to do calculation in was scalar UDF.

Then I learned that it does not support SQL statements

Should I use procedure ? Honestly, I would rather not do it at all then use procedure for such a thing.

Finnaly I just made it work, it was to late to post it (not easter Sunday any more), so I postponed posting it and added function for Orthodox Easter calculation using Meeus Julian Algorithm

It can be written differently, optimized, part of the code merged, with more variables, or less…certanly better documented :smile: , but here it is as it is, code attached in files also.

Gregorian Catholic Easter Calculation

Gregorian Ortodox Easter Calculation

Good Friday

is then peace of cake

select ADD_DAYS(get_easter_for_year(2015), - 2) AS "GoodFriday" from dummy ;

Easter Monday

in Croatia and some other countries is non working day so:

select ADD_DAYS(get_easter_for_year(2015), 1) AS "EasterMonday" from dummy ;

I also learned that now if I select a code in SQL editor and execute that it worked (just like in MS SQL SMS ).

Before it was not and entire script got executed as I recall. I missed that. Great then.

I've also lerned that in Hana integer divisions do not work like in MS SQL, so

select 3/2 "myInt" from dummy;

is not 1  but 1.5

as opose to

select 3/2 "myInt"   in MS SQL

Taking care of that I had to use FLOOR or CAST as INT.

I picked CAST.

So there You go,  fun is over.

Any corrections are wellcomed.

Happy Easter !

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