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So when I logged on to OpenSAP I received this nice message:


I don't know if I will use it but is a nice anniversary gift.  When I heard about the 5th anniversary, I looked back at the OpenSAP courses I attended (using SAP Analytics Cloud "Build My Story"):

SAP Analytics Cloud shows that I received 28 Records of Achievement in various courses, starting with HANA with thomas.jung and rich.heilman and ending with SAP Lumira with jie.deng


Above are my records of achievement over time.

So my highest records of achievement were 7 in 2016.  This year I've completed 3.

This might be hard to see but it shows the courses / course codes


I did not obtain a record of achievement for every course; some courses I simply couldn't finish in time.  But I did learn, and others I went back to review for more information, such as SAP Cloud Platform.

It looks like I "participated" more in 2017.  I think more courses were offered as the years went along.

Looking back at certain moments

I recall completing a course by Sam Yen all on one flight from San Francisco to Washington Dulles.  When I tried plane wifi recently, it didn't work for the SAP Lumira course (due to plane's wifi connection).


Week 3 of SAP Lumira was 280 minutes of videos; I couldn't keep up so I started watching the videos during dinner!


I did very well in the HANA administration course even though that's not my background.  The HANA courses gave me the confidence to follow the SAP HANA Academy tutorials using HANA Express.


I skipped "Be Visual! Sketching Basics for IT Business" when it was first offered; I am glad I took it the second time.  I enjoyed being able to follow along and do some sketching myself.  It also improved my handwriting.


A tip for openSAP learners - turn on the subtitles, even if English is your native language; I found I comprehend better with the subtitles turned on.  You can also speed up the videos.


Special thanks to SAP's claire.donelon who has taken the time to listen and act on critical feedback such as here.


Happy Anniversary to Open SAP.  I searched and a "SAPPHIRE" gemstone is supposed to be the "perfect" 5th year anniversary gift, so hopefully the Open SAP team will celebrate at SAPPHIRENOW in June.  Congratulations.
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