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Hi All,

In this blog, I am trying to explain how to handle Conversion Lock for master data object.

Below is the screenshot for Master data Object 0COSTCENTER:

1)     We are making 0RESP_PERS as Navigational attribute of Cost center

2)     Activate 0COSTCENTER, but activation fails because of Hexadecimal values in 0RESP_PERS.


3)     When you try to undo the changes, it won’t allow changing the object giving error as conversion lock.

4)     Go to RSD1 -> 0COSTCENTER -> goto EXTRA -> Click on (Remove conversion Lock),

   This will remove the lock

5)     Go and undo the changes & activate the Info Object

   The activation error usually comes if the display attribute have some Junk values, like in our case Hexa values

     Now, change the 0Costcenter transformation first to rectify the error, in our case it is because of Lower case values.

     Write below code in the transformation



6)  Activate transformation, load master data for 0Costcenter

7)  Make the Display attribute to Navigational attribute, it will allow you to activate the object with new changes.

Thanks & Regards,

Puja Yerunkar

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