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Few days ago I passed certification C_HANATEC_142.

I'll quote myself from

Best way to test this studying method and long time remembering is to take a HANATEC exam (cca 80% of material is the same as for HANASUP).  “

C_HANASUP was in december 2014, C_HANATEC April 2015, 4 months to forget what I have learned, without current Hana Project

(daily Job is Abap, WD4A and Hana development for fun when I have time).

In between I did not do nothing in Hana, I prepared and got certificated as Sap Hana Development Professional ( P_HANAIMP_142 ),

so I did have to reread and learn Administration and Support material for that exam.

That was in February, so anyway 2 months to forget little details is more then enough.

What I did to prevent that ?

Whenever I can I read questions people ask in SCN. Real problems from real projects (more or less).

When I can,  I engage, even if its just posting where one can find material to work out an answer.

I actually did not plan to go to HANATEC,  but there was an opportunity, so why not. As I said 80% of material is the same as for HANASUP.


There was only cca one week to prepare for this exam. So I did what I thought was the best in light of methods I described in my first blog post.

I read HA200 one more time.

I read Hana Installation one more time.

Time to test SQ4R

I used Re-Read and Review for my old Cornell Notes for C_HANASUP.

I did not go thru Hana system doing HA200 examples, cause I know that basic stuff from working on development system to setup things for development or test and tweak things when needed.

Actual Exam

Classic 80q, 180 minutes

Much harder for me then I anticipated (I'm no administrator). I will never ever take an exam with so short notice for preparing.

I realise now that You just need time to get in Administrator frame of mind to anticipate questions when reading material.

There's just too much things that are SAP BC baseline knowledge that does not come naturally to me.


S4R is ok, better then cramming for sure. Long time retention is much better. Rereading and Reviewing are needed.

Is it worth for Developer to study that ?

Absolutely !  You have to know your way around administration.

When I was MS SQL developer, almost a rule was that one is actually a 90% an administrator also. Nobody's gonna review your security permissions for You while You wait.

So if You have a chance, learn all You can learn, with or without certification. Although it is not unimportant to have certificate,  more important is to know things and have fun with your Job.

8 hours is too long if You do what you don't like.

Have Fun !

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