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In this blog we will cover , how to leverage HANA text analytics for PDF document verification in S/4 HANA.

In data dictionary SE11 while defining table we can define FULL TEXT INDEX on fields of type RAWSTRING. Hence we need to have a field of RAWSTRING which will hold document data which needs to be verified. Once Full Text Index is activated for this field, we can perform Exact, Fuzzy(Error Tolerant) and Linguistics search.

  1. Create an table to hold PDF document data in RAWSTRING field                                                      

  2. Create an Index                                                                                                                              Hana database is selected.

  3. GOTO->FULL TEXT INDEX                                                                                                           Activate the Full-text index. Further we can activate Fuzzy Search , Text Analysis and Select the Type of Text Analysis

Type of Text Analysis  that be used based on the specific requirement

  • Linganalysis Basics

  • Linganalysis Stems

  • Linganalysis Full

  • Extraction Core

  • Extraction Core Voice of Customers


In next blog, we will see how to use the table defined above for PDF validation.


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