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Recently I have been working on a POC in HANA Cloud & S/4HANA for one of the product client, I got an opportunity to explore this new feature of SDI flowgraph and I like to share few interesting information on the same.

The conventional way to create a subscription is navigating to the Data Source of a SAP HANA SDI Flowgraph and then clicking on Custom Parameter option then providing the Extraction name.

Now as an alternate approach of the above step we can write a HANA SQL statement for that like below

select count(*) from "ZEXI_S4H_ADRC" T

with dataprovisioning parameters

('<PropertyGroup name="__DP_TABLE_OPTIONS__">

<PropertyGroup name="T">

<PropertyEntry name="extractionmode">D</PropertyEntry>

<PropertyEntry name="extractionname">ADRC</PropertyEntry>



SQL Query


Here extractionmode can be D (Delta) or F (Full).

Once we execute the query above it will create a subscription in ODQMON.

ODQMON subscription

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