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A customer requested a Hana SDI adapter to replicate Microsoft Azure DB data to SAP Hana in realtime. In case you are in need of the same, feel free to contact me.

While SDI has an adapter for MS SQL Server, its driver is not compatible with the Azure SQL Server and even if, it needs access to the transaction log files which no user has.

Therefore we built a new SDI adapter using the official Microsoft technologies for change data capture, Change Tracking it is called.



  • Supports primary any standby databases: Queries and initial loads are then executed against the standby database and realtime change data capture happens via the primary database. If no standby database is configured, all queries go against the primary database.

  • Transactional consistency: Using snapshot isolation transactional consistency is preserved in Hana as well. What was one transaction in the source remains within one transaction in Hana.

  • Supports all data types: Special care has been taken to support all SQL Server data types and to map them to the correct Hana data types.

  • Follows the SDI architecture to the letter: No information is stored in SQL Server, SDI provides the restart points in case of error recovery and the such. Hence it does not have limits like only one SDI agent connected to a single SQL Server database.

  • Supports Azure and on-Prem SQL Server databases.

  • Pushdown is supported but basics only: Where clauses, projections and everything else needed for efficient initial loads but e.g. no pushdown of functions.

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