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This document provides a checklist when a HANA Migration is planned. There are broadly classified into 3 sections, viz., Application Checks, DB Checks and Admin Checks before the migration can be carried out.


1. Pre-Migration checks and Corrective Actions would mean a smoother migration and less burden on the system during the actual migration.

2. Avoid any rework that may arise resulting in unnecessary waste of time and $$.

Application Checks and Actions

1. PSA Clean up - Complete clean up of Persistent Staging Area has to be done, provided the data is already posted into the relevant DSO's / Cube's in the Data Flow

2. Archiving / NLS - Plan for Archiving / NLS for data that is unused or rarely used. Reporting is still possible on Archived data after Migration

3. Data Deletion - Delete data from first level DSO's(mostly Write Optimized) as this data would be available in the subsequent layers within a Data Flow. Master Data also should be deleted as necessary

4. Deletion of Logs - Delete all system Logs and DTP / Process Chain Logs

5. BW Objects deletion - Transformations, Sundry Process Chains, BEx Queries and Workbooks to be checked for usage and deleted as necessary

DB Checks and Actions

1. Compression of Data - Compress the data in the InfoCubes which will reduce the size of the relevant tables

2. Deletion of Tables - Delete the Aggregate tables as these are not required anymore

Admin Checks and Actions

1. Users and Roles - Check and delete Users and Roles which are of no significance

2. Admin Tables - Basis Check tables used for Admin purposes will have to be analyzed and deleted

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