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The below blog intend to help HANA admin to have a sample template that they can use for monitoring there HANA environment on pro-active basis.

you all are invited to add you comments if you feel we should include some more steps in the template . Its intention is monitoring not resolution , each issue reported can be resolved separately .You can use this template also as pointer for what all should be monitor if you are monitoring you SAP HANA landscape via SAP Solution Manager.

1. Check first if all the services are running fine :-

2.Run Unique checker (you can schedule it in you crontab also ,so as to get updates automatically in your mail box.

  This program helps you to find duplicate entries in tables . Reach out to SAP to get the program or refer to  if you do not have it.

3.Check for CRASH dumps if Any :-

check it on admin console -->Performance -->to see the dumps (OOM dumps as well) give the serach text as "dump"

if you find any crash dump -->analyze if its because of any query -->notify the query owner to optimize it in case if its causing dumps.

4. check SLT - if any table has error status

No error so all is good.

5. Check LTR as well :

Also check the traditional T-codes ST22 and SM21 , it should not have any critical dumps .

6. clean up the garbage memory:-

frequency could be everyday or once in 3 days you can decide after seeing the pattern :

execute mm gc -f

It triggers the garbage collector and without unloading the tables it free up memory .

Remark - to execute mm gc -f  you need to log in HANA server -->>Services-->console -->select the node --> execute the command.

7. Validate Backup - Successful backup taken on **/**/** . Next Back Up on **/**/**.

Analyze if the backup failed and take action accordingly .

Hope this template helps you to keep you HANA environment healthy and running :smile: . Happy Monitoring .

Please add any step you feel should be part of daily monitoring task .

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