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In this blog, am going to explain , how to integrate the HANA cockpit into SAP lama 3.0.  From SAP Lama, we can access all the required admin links as single point of access. We can automate lot of SAP Basis admin activities here.


But here in the blog, am going to explain hana cockpit integration in Lama 3.0. As per SAP , we have different options to install the cockpit. Details installation options for cockpit can be found in the below blog link.


Once your HANA Cockpit is ready, we need to discover the cockpit in SAP lama.


if you see any error in discovery, please check the relevant logs and correct those errors. As i said in earlier blog, we need to install the SAP Adaptive Extensions Installation on cockpit host.

Assign the proper pool and other information and save your changes.



once its successfully discovery as hana cockpit, we can see the cockpit in lama cockpit under operations.



once you see the hana cockpit running green with out any issues, go overview under that SAP database administration option, you will see option to add cockpit url.

we can stop/start/restart cockpit from Lama Operations and maintenance, We can automate these HANA operations from automation studio.


HANA cockpit has been added and we can see here its running healthy.



in similar way we can add SAP HANA Database control center urls. if we have multiple systems, by using SAP lama, we can configure and access for monitoring.


This my personal experience, which i have gained while working with sap lama 3.0 config.Please fell free to provide your comments here.

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