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Using the SAP HANA Cloud Central Wizard, the SAP HANA Cloud Instance can be created.

Start with assigning the instance to a Cloud Foundry Organization and Space, Choose the name and description for the instance.

Choose a user and password to log on to the instance.

Then, choose the DB size, CPU and disk Storage required.

Select a cloud provider and geographic region where the instance will be hosted.

Next, Select the type of connectivity permitted (i.e. will only other SAP BTP apps connect to the instance or other external cloud apps will also be allowed).

Choose to set up an optional data lake.

Provisioning an SAP HANA Cloud database instance


Before we can create an SAP HANA Cloud database instance, we must already have fulfilled these prerequisites:

    • Have created a subaccount in the Cloud Foundry Environment

    • Have enabled Cloud Foundry environment for the subaccount

    • Have assigned entitlement/quota to the subaccount

    • Have created a Cloud Foundry space in the subaccount

A database instance can then be created using the provisioning interface : SAP HANA Cloud Central which can be found in service marketplace.

This blog will guide you on how to create an SAP HANA Cloud Database Instance step by step.

    • Click on SAP HANA Cloud and then click on Create.



    • On clicking create, a popover opens up asking details related to the instance we want to create.



    • Choose hana (in-memory SAP HANA DB variant of the SAP HANA Cloud). Once that is done, three more input parameters appear i.e. The Runtime Environment, Runtime Environment Space and The Instance Name.


    • Click on Next to fill in the instance related parameters.
      There are few properties missing in the default JSON.



"data": {



"enabledservices": {

"docstore": false,

"scriptserver": false


"memory": 30,

"memoryScaleOut": 0,

"storage": 120,

"vcpu": 2




Note: Please remember the systempassword key's value as we would need it to login into the instance.



    • Now Click on next to Review the parameters/selections done and click on create.




    • Navigate to Instances and Subscriptions to check the instance creation status.




    • This would take some time; once done the status would change to created.



    • After creation of the database instance, we have to start it to access the created database. Navigate to BTP Cockpit through Cloud Foundry Spaces and click on the space.
      Click on SAP HANA Cloud on the left pane and then on the Actions option. Select the Option Open in SAP HANA Cloud Central.


    • The created instance is in Stopped status, please start it.


    • Once the instance is running, click on Open in SAP HANA Database Explorer. You will be prompted to enter the user logon credentials. Please enter User as DBADMIN and password would be the one you provided when creating the instance as systempassword.


    • You can also monitor the instance by clicking on Open in SAP HANA Cockpit.


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