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Hi all,

I once received a question to mark the production instance of a HANA Cloud Database in the database explorer. They wanted to have the exact same behavior as mentioned in this blog post, section “Visual Clues for Production Databases”:

In the earlier on-premise HANA database and HANA Express version this was automatically available without doing anything. For some reason, this was not the case with HANA Cloud or we did something wrong during the setup.

The solution to achieve this is actually in the image itself:

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('global.ini', 'DATABASE') SET ('system_information', 'usage') = 'production' WITH RECONFIGURE;


To be honest, I totally didn’t notice that the solution was in the picture itself. Because of that, I’m sharing this in a blog post. This is a small functionality but can avoid making big mistakes…


Another place where I found this solution is this tutorial “Add Databases to the HANA Database Explorer – Step 6: Database usage” (which has nothing to do with that topic in my opinion 😊).


After running the command you can check the status using this SQL select:


In my cases the changes were applied immediately without a restart of HANA Cloud, refresh of the HANA Cloud Database Explorer should be enough.

Hope this helps you as well!



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