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I’m always looking for information regarding the HANA AppCloud and I recently found slides marked confidential about HANA. It looks like the material originates from SAP’s HANA Sales Lead in Korea.

Although the text in the slide set is in Korean, the slide in question is interesting:

  1. Some listed SAP applications might already be associated HANA with but the deployment option in HANA AppCloud is new.
    1. EPM Nuvo: – I assume that this refers to an Enterprise Performance Management application.  My searches in the Internet have failed to find any other relevant information about it. It might refer to BPC on HANA.  Currently, there is an EPM OnPremise offering. I have no idea if this is a subset of the functionality or a complete rewrite.
    2. Operational Reporting Data Mart on Demand:  There is a great deal of material about HANA-based data marts but this is the first time that I had seen this scenario associated with the HANA AppCloud.
    3. Carbon Impact: The listing of Carbon Impact is strange, since I always thought this was based on the “original” River platform.
  2. There is a distinction between the HANA AppCloud and the “HANA-as-a-Service” offering. This split is also associated with the distinction between apps created by SAP and those created by partners. Since both offerings are based on the same “HANA Cloud Shared Infrastructure”, the difference appears almost arbitrary.   The absence of customer-created apps is also curious. Would such apps be more likely to be created on the HANA AppCloud?
  3. I was surprised to see a HANA Sales Rep for a single country - in this case for Korea - rather than a region.  A quick examination of current HANA-related job offerings also failed to reveal if this country-specific sales focus for HANA is commonplace.
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