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                                                       HANA and HANA's Security Parameters

While a users login to HANA box the system authenticate users with below requirements.

a. Username and password verified.

b. Whether the user account is within the validity period.

c. Whether the user account is active.

Passwords for users are subject to certain parameters / rules what we call passwords policy. You can configure your password policy in security editor of HANA studio as below screenshot.

1. Minimum Password length : - The minimum number of characters that the password must contain - Default value between 6 - 24

2. Password_layout - Lowercase (a - z), UPPERCASE (A - Z),  Numerical digits (0 - 9) - Default Values - Aa1

3. Force_first_password_change - Defines the users have to change their password immediately after there first time they log on. Default value - True

4. Last_users passwords - Not allowed to reuse when changing his / her current password - Default Value - 5

5. Number of allowed failed logon - Max Number of failed logon attempts that are possible - Default - 6

6. Password_lock_time - The number of minutes for which a users is locked after maximum number of failed attempt - Default value is 1440 minutes i.e.. 1 day

7. Maximum Password Lifetime - Number of days after which a user passwords expires - Default 182

8. Life time of Initial Password ( maximum_unused_initial_lifetime - Default values is 7

9. Maximum durations of Users Inactivity - max number of days after which a password expires if the users has not logged on, Default - 365 (in Days)

10. Notification of Password Expiration (passwords_expire_warning_time) - Number of days before a passwords is due to expire that the user receive notification - Default Value - 14

@ Ref : HANA Security Guide

@ Changed from Blog to Document

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