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Disclaimer: The views presented in this blog are my own, and do not represent the views of my employer. This article is for idea and knowledge sharing, neither promoting any platform nor marketing related.


Just to share an experiment that I've done on HANA Shutdown duration when i came across below statement on What's New in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 06 webinar:



However, there's no further details on above statement from SPS06 official documentation and SAP Note. Thus, we are setting up the testing environment to compare the shutdown time between SPS 05 Rev57 and SPS06.

As you can see, the test is running on a 3.2TB HDB and the shutdown duration is reduced from 3m:10s to 1m:24s, approximately 50% faster. We've done multiple samplings and the result is pretty consistent.


Digging litter deeper to trace:

SPS05: Shared Memory update duration during shutdown took 2m:42s

[7763]{-1}[-1/-1] 2022-02-06 05:40:33.961499 i Daemon Daemon.cpp(00176) : Shared memory updated, no daemon state change
[7763]{-1}[-1/-1] 2022-02-06 05:43:15.025694 i Daemon DaemonHandle.cpp(00294) : Process 'hdbrsutil', pid 7950 exited no

SPS06: Shared Memory update duration during shutdown is shorten and improved here, where it took only 1m:08s, probably from the background "heavily parallelizing exection" (enhancement from SPS06?)

[473874]{-1}[-1/-1] 2022-02-07 05:48:41.417211 i Daemon Daemon.cpp(00155) : Shared memory updated, no daemon state change
[473874]{-1}[-1/-1] 2022-02-07 05:49:49.399178 i Daemon DaemonHandle.cpp(00323) : Process 'hdbrsutil', pid8850 exited no

Speedup of HANA shutdown duration will benefits the maintenance downtime, or in the event of HA/DR like host auto-failover, HSR, or pacemaker setup.

If anyone have a chance to update the system to SPS06, it will be great if you can capture the shutdown duration before vs after SPS06 update and share it in the comment below.

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