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Recently (in Q1 2020), SAP released SAP BAS (Business Application Studio), the new cloud-based Integrated development environment for SAP’s Multi-cloud environment. We can call as next generation intelligent SAP Web IDE.

You can read more about SAP Business Application Studio here.

In this blog, I would like to spread the awareness and share my experience how we can easily start using SAP BAS with free trial account. There are blogs and tutorials available, so you can easily start your SAP BAS for the first time. If you are familiar with visual studio code, then you will find it easier as it is being created on an open source IDE – “Eclipse Theia”, which embraces Microsoft Visual Studio Code experience.

Let's start SAP BAS. First of all, create your SAP Cloud Platform free trial account. Get a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform

Guide to Start SAP Business Application Studio on Trial

Now, I will write steps to start SAP BAS. You can alternatively follow SAP Developer tutorial here to setup SAP BAS.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your trial account and check you subscriptions. You have to subscribe first.

  3. Go to the SAP BAS and you can create Dev Spaces according to your type of application development.

  4. Select application type and give dev space name. Within a minute, you will see your space is up and running.

  5. Now, it's time to start with new level of development experience.

SAP has created a central blog with many links, useful information and hands-on experiences from developers community. Although you are using SAP Web IDE for long time and you can continue to do so, but I recommend to check the new SAP BAS and feel the thrill of new development experience and make yourself future ready.

Guide to contribute to SAP BAS Tutorial

Now, I will take you through the process how you can contribute to the BAS application while you are doing some hands-on. As this is new application development platform, you may face some issues while using it and also you may feel some functionalities are good to have within BAS. If you have a bug or an idea, please enter them here, it is advisable that before you create new issue please browse the open issues to avoid duplication. Your issues will help to enhance the application and make the tutorial content bug-free as well.
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