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SAPPHIRE NOW is almost here and I am sure I am not the only one wondering about what the big news will be. Let me share my expectations and speculations.




This is obviously the flagship product of SAP, so I think we will get an update on market adoption, we will hear some success stories and lessons learned. I noticed a blog titled First Steps with SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK, so I expect this new SDK to get a lot of attention. The press release just came out about SAP Transformation Navigator, think might be a big announcement in the keynote.


Cloud Platform

In my opinion this is the second most important topic. I would be surprised if SAP wouldn’t tell us about some new innovations here, I think about Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, etc. I noticed a blog about an upcoming product called SAP Enterprise App Modeler. Talking about mobile development, SAP has recently released an SDK for native iOS development. I wonder if Android development will be discussed as part of the new Google-SAP partnership.



Last year Bill McDermott talked a lot about empathy and I wonder if he will continue with this topic this year. I hear a lot of discussions about indirect licensing in the SAP ecosystem, so I hope empathy will get attention again.


Would you like to join me in guessing what the big news of SAPPHIRE NOW will be? Feel free to add your ideas in the comments.


UPDATE: Please check my follow-up blog:


Disclosure: SAP made my participation possible at SAPPHIRE NOW via the blogger/influencer program.
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