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In this article I’m going to show how to subscribe to AADE myDATA Portal, the Greece Tax System, as requirement to configure the SCPI package “SAP Document Compliance: Electronic Tax Register Books for Greece” and how to check the connectivity from SCPI.

You read the SAP official guide “Greece Electronic Tax Register Books (e-Books): Setting Up SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA)” and wondered what you need to deploy in your SCPI Security Material (paragraph 5.2 of the above guide). Here below how to obtain the credentials.


Currently AADE myDATA production environment is not available, it will as of October 1.

Subscription steps

To subscribe you have to:

  • Fill in the form

  • Confirm the subscription from the received email

Go to the subscription form.

I’ve translated it from Greek to English so to reach out to a broader audience.

The input parameters are the following.

Username It’s the userId to authenticate SCPI against myDATA, you will deploy it in your SCPI Security Material; you can put your VAT number here
Code It’s the password to log in myDATA portal
Email It’s the email to log in myDATA portal; it’s used for receiving communications from AADE myDATA
Name First name
Last name Last name
VAT Number VAT Number of your Greek company
Input key It’s the password to authenticate SCPI against myDATA, you will deploy it in your SCPI Security Material: leave it blank, it will be automatically generated by myDATA and be available in your Profile (see below)

Once you’ve clicked on Sign up, the Input key gets generated (you can copy it now or later from your Profile) and you receive an email with a confirmation link.

Open your mailbox and click on the confirmation link.

Here's myDATA portal.

To get the primary key to deploy in SCPI, click on Show under section “Your subscriptions”.

myDATA web services

From the home page, go to API METHODS.

Click on myDATADev.

And find the web service url (here below the SenInvoices).

Testing the connectivity

If you want to test the connectivity between SCPI and myDATA but you haven’t done the required installation on your SAP back-end system, therefore you can't fire off the request from SAP backend, you can just simulate a call from SCPI.

First of all, let’s look at the Greece Send Invoice iflow. The receiver endpoint and the credentials are set at runtime.

In particular, the credentials are set as headers.

Let’s create an iflow triggered once by a timer that calls myDATA web service to test the user credentials obtained before. Set the credentials as constant in the header tab of a content modifier (when configuring the standard iflow you deploy them under Security Material as per the official guide).

Then check the result from the message monitor.

Thanks for reading.
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