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As an IT consultant and a problem solving enthusiast understanding clients problems and advising them wisely on the best solutions that suits specific businesses can become an herculean task if proper planning is not done and unavailability of the required information. So finding the right solutions for different Lines of businesses and Industry Standards, while following best practices still as been made easier with SAP's Model Company Structure together with various custom application integration capabilities that help businesses level up and run at their best.


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I am happy to see SAP partnering with Microsoft to bring seamless integration of SAP solutions with Microsoft teams, the pandemic has made many companies fall out of sales by means of physical engagement. Remote sales are rising and SAP is trying to simplify remote sales by integrating its SAP Sales Cloud solution with Microsoft teams to help sales professionals engage with customers in virtually to simplify sales reporting. This collaboration will greatly enhance business meetings to actually virtualize sales projection via direct access to customers sales data which will be embedded into Microsoft Teams from SAP Sales Cloud application. More Interestingly, all meeting recordings, notes will be synced back to SAP Sales Cloud dashboard in real-time.


SAP CEO Christian Klein explains a day doesn’t go by without him been in contact with a customer or partner, or colleague from around the globe. Says it may be exchange of ideas, a virtual meeting or a quick phone call, quality communication drives work to success.


The pandemic as changed a lot when it comes to how work is done globally. Lots of businesses must change how work is done from the conventional ways prior to the pandemic, team meetings, employee collaboration, remote work etc.  SAP introduced Rise with SAP an approach to Business transformation as a Service aimed at providing business restructuring and transformation to help businesses rise again.


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More of SAP solutions will be integrated with Microsoft Teams in the nearest future, solutions like SAP Analytics Cloud will make Planning, reporting more insightful with the collaborative power in Microsoft Teams. This will further aid in better decision making in real time with access to all insightful data of the business or organization available during business meetings.


SAP S4/Hana is said to also be layered upon Microsoft’s Azure, both companies further expanding interoperability with azure. SAP and Microsoft will be co-innovating together around SAP S/4HANA to make cloud computing the intelligent move for any business willing to effectively run in this fast-changing world.


Microsoft Teams will efficiently compliment SAP solutions by making collaboration much easier in real-time across various departments and line of businesses. The integration will allow real time insightful collaboration since Microsoft teams meetings can be lunched instantly within SAP applications or systems and vice versa.


The Big Data solutions company promises to roll in the first integration scenarios this year with the integrations for Sales Cloud and SAP S/4HANA rolling out by second quarter of the year. The first rollout will focus on initiating Microsoft Teams meetings directly from SAP applications and more context-based integration between SAP systems and Microsoft Teams will come up later in the year.


Microsoft and SAP the best of both worlds combining great global digital transformation era with insightful intelligence together helping the world run at it’s best. Learn More
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