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I asked several peers in Integration domain one Question :How do you make XSD's for mappings when you don't have one?" and the answer was "we make an XML and then generate an XSD".

Well if you ask me, this takes time in cases where you don't have an XML sample with you or you are creating a new API with a brand new XML schema. Even if you have an XML and you use it to generate an XSD you will have to go back and open the XSD in text editor and modify occurrences manually or insert attributes manually which gets messy the more we get into it.



If you are into SAP CI and have worked on SAP PO I know that you miss the good old XSD editor / builder that SAP PO provided. I had a similar longing and hence I created this Graphical XSD builder to fill that gap and for everyone it's deployed here XSD Builder .

I hope SAP adds this functionality in SAP CI.


How it works:


Update: You can add your XML files and they will be rendered graphically and you can then add/update XSD Schema properties.


Easy to use Controls

Upload XML files and Control Desc.


Graphical Editor , just click and add attributes, siblings or elements and delete them if needed or edit the names

Graphical Editor


Change Occurrence or Type of elements and attributes

Occurrence and Type


Enforce Restrictions on elements and attributes

Restrictions - Attributes and elements


And Finally Click on Generate XSD and then you can either download it or copy it.



Let me know if you like it and if you see any improvements can be made to this. I have not enforced any validations just yet w.r.t the name of elements or other complex validations but maybe in some time I will add them.


Next Step would be to extend this to a XSD editor where you can bring your own XSD and Edit it.

In future XSD Builder would have a smart component inbuilt where in it will automatically find the best matched xsd:type or occurrence etc. for the fields.
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