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This article provides information on Control IDs for specific Excel commands on the Cell Context menu in Excel. For an overview of this series of articles, please see the first article in the series, here: Granular Control of the Analysis Context Menu - Part 1

As per per the example in Granular Control of the Analysis Context Menu - Part 3, we can find Excel CommandBarControls by searching for specific ID property values. Excel assigns unqiue ID properties to each of the Excel CommandBarControls, so I've summarised them below. They're largely common to Excel 2007 and 2010, but I include differences where they exist. I only list the caption/ID for 2010 if it is new or different*.

2007 Caption                2007 ID  2010 Caption*        2010 ID*

=========================== =======  ==================== ========

Cu&t                             21

&Copy                            19

&Paste                           22

Paste &Special...               755                        21437

                                     &Paste Table           3624

&Insert...                     3181

&Delete...                      292

Clear Co&ntents                3125

                                     Sp&arkline            31623

Filt&er                       31402

S&ort                         31435

Insert Co&mment                2031

Delete Co&mment                1592

Sh&ow/Hide Comments            1593

&Format Cells...                855

Pic&k From Drop-down List...   1966

&Show Phonetic Field           1614

Name a &Range...              13380  Define N&ame...            

&Hyperlink...                  1576

Edit &Hyperlink...             1577

&Open Hyperlink                1015

&Remove Hyperlink              3626

E&xpand to detail             11299

Additional Act&ions           31595

F&ull Screen                    178

                                     &Additional Actions   22577

Note the differences between Excel 2007 and Excel 2010:

1. There are 3 new commands in 2010.

2. As a result of the new commands in 2010, there are now 2 very similarly named commands:

    - "Additional Act&ions" - Is the same as 2007, with ID 31595

    - "&Additional Actions" - Is new in 2010, with ID 22577

3. "Name a &Range..." becomes "Define N&ame..." in 2010.

4. The ID for "Paste &Special..." changes from 755 in 2007, to 21437 in 2010.

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