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This article provides information on Control Tags for specific Analysis commands on the Cell Context menu in Excel. For an overview of this series of articles, please see the first article in the series, here: Granular Control of the Analysis Context Menu - Part 1

As per per the example in Part 2, we can find Analysis CommandBarControls by searching for specific Tag property values. Analysis assigns unqiue Tag properties to each of the Analysis CommandBarControls, so I've summarised them below. They're common to Analysis 1.4 in 2007 and 2010.

Caption                         Tag

=============================== ========

"Filter Members"                pio1

"Filter Members and Swap With"  pio2

"Filter Other Members"          pio3

"Filter By Member..."           pio5

"Select All Members"            pio6

"Filter by Measure"             pio8

"Filter by Measure"             pio11

"BEx Conditions"                pio21

"Value Help"                    pio22

"Sort Ascending"                pio24

"Sort Descending"               pio25

"Expand"                        pio27

"Expand Dimension "             pio28 *

"Collapse"                      pio29

"Expand To Level"               pio30

"Expand to Dimension "          pio31 *

"Add Calculation"               pio33

"Add Dynamic Calculation"       pio34

"Edit Name..."                  pio46

"Delete"                        pio47

"Number Format..."              pio49

"Members"                       pio50

"Totals"                        pio51

"Calculate Totals As"           pio55

"Lock Cells"                    pio71

"Goto"                          pio73

"Smart Copy"                    pio74

"Refresh"                       pio76

"Prompts"                       pio77

"Reset Data Source"             pio78

"Activate Automatic Refresh"    pio79

"Save Analysis View..."         pio80

* Note that these Controls have a trailing space in their captions

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