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When you have a SAP Crosstab cell selected, the Analysis Add-in makes Analysis commands available via the Cell context menu.

The Analysis API lets you enable/disable the context menu by using either of these commands:

Application.Run("SAPExecuteCommand", "Hide", "ContextMenu", "All")

Application.Run("SAPExecuteCommand", "Show", "ContextMenu", "Default")

Unfortunately, that's as granular as the API gets. You can either have all of the Analysis context menu, or none of it. If you want to hide the Prompts command, but make the Refresh command visible, you can't achieve that with the Analysis API alone.

Furthermore, regardless of the settings made by the API commands above, the Analysis context menu disables the standard Excel context menu items when your current selection is within an SAP Crosstab, with the exception of the "Insert Comment" command when you're on a data cell (as opposed to a dimension or member cell).

This series of articles is intended to give you finer control of the Analysis commands that are visible/hidden, and to restore Excel commands that the Analysis add-in hides by default. I've tested these solutions in Excel 2007 with Analysis 1.4, but you should get similar results with Office 2010. If your results vary, please leave a comment so others can benefit....

Part 1 - This Document

Part 2 - How to hide individual Analysis commands on the Context menu

Part 3 - How to restore individual Excel commands to the Context menu

Part 4 - A Listing of all tag values for Analysis context menu commands

Part 5 - A Listing of all IDs for Excel context menu commands for Excel 2007 and 2010

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