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In continuation of previous blog (, I would like to share, Integration of GPS Module with HANA Cloud system.

Here is the sequence of each step.

  • GPS Module will get the location from satellites.

  • ESP8266 Module will pump, longitude and Latitude to HANA system.

  • Created UI5 application in HANA Trial account, Query the longitude and latitude stored in HANA data base tables to plot sensor location in Google Map.

Sensing the location, I have used GPS sensor, below are the diagram will show the detail pin layout.

GPS sensor will have four pins,

  • Ground PIN of GPS sensor will connect to ESPModule GND pin.

  • GPS Sensor RX pin has to connect with TX pin of ESPModule.

  • GPS Sensor TX pin has to connect with RX pin of ESPModule.

  • GPS Sensor VCC pin has to connect with 5V or 3V of ESPModule.

Once the GPS sensor has turned on , It will take little while to connect the sattiletes to get the locaiton to pump the data to HANA cloud platoform, GPS sensor has to identify minimum count of three satillites then only it has to identify longitude and lattitude.

In Hana Trial account ,I have created data base table to store the values of longitude and lattitide of the location,

I have written Odata service to query the table in HANA database, Payload will return longitute and lattitude of location.

We have to create two services one service has to push the data to HANA cloud system and second service to pull the data from HANA cloud system.

Push Service has to be configured in ESP8266/Ardunio module, it will continously pump the data in periodic time.

Once the location Servcices are ready, implement the Google Map in UI5, Google map need to have API key to render in UI5 Application.Google maps will provide 25000 per day requests to request map server. for demo purpose these requests are serving as expected.

Create UI5 Application to place the Google Map UI in View and controller to render the map.

Here is the video of application , Integration with GPS Module with HANA Cloud System.



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